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Digital Detox: What It is Exactly, How to Do It, & Why You Should

We know we are a mainly digital company, but we also know a digital detox is necessary sometimes.

Our eyes are not supposed to be staring at screens for most of the day & chances are, we are missing out on some awesome things going on around us in the real world.

As our jobs here at Piper Creative Company are to be online in the digital world, we have become pros on how to detox digitally and what that looks like for each of us individually.

The term "Digital Detox" scares some, but we get it.

It kind of makes us think of going a long period of time without a digital device. But, let us tell you, it does NOT have to be hours or days that you are off your phone.

There are different ways to detox digitally, so do not let anyone (even us) define that for you.

For some it looks like having their notifications off completely or slimmed down to only the important things.

For others it looks like leaving their cell phone in the car at night or always on 'do not disturb' mode.

Some even stay away from their phone for an entire 24 hours.

So, play around with your digital detoxing and find a method that gets you off your phone and in to reality at least 1% more.

Do you have a neat way to digitally detox or anything else to say? Comment below or let us know on social media!

-Piper Creative Company

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